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Post  Dunggate on Mon Jul 06, 2009 12:47 pm

HEAVEN #3146 Seasons of the Heart, July 6, 2009

God said:

There are seasons in your heart, beloveds. Within your heart there is daybreak, and there is twilight. There is summer, and there is spring, and there is winter and fall. There is sunshine in your heart, and there is rainfall. Have you not experienced it all?

Here is where your heart surpasses the seasons in the world. The seasons are pre-set, yet there is a dial in your heart, and you can choose summer all the time. You don’t have to have the snows of winter.

Whereas the Earth is at the mercy of its geography and seasons, the Human Heart is solely at your mercy. You are the determiner of where your heart will plant its attention. You can turn the tide of your heart. Your heart does not have to flip-flop according to the weather of the world,

I am reminding you that you have choices. You do make choices. You make them all the time. I tell you to follow your heart. I mean your true heart, your heart of love.

When there are untoward circumstances, you don’t have to ignore them. You don’t have to kneel down to them either. You can say: “Heart, get up off your knees. I am sorry you have been wounded. Now I invite you to leave the scene of the accident, as it were, and take me to a meadow filled with flowers, where the sky is blue, and the horizon is vast. Let’s go somewhere we like to be. We have stayed in this spot long enough. Come, let’s go.”

You can say to your heart: “Heart of mine, my beautiful heart, there is no merit in being hurt. There is no merit in lying there. There is merit in getting up and finding the sunshine. There is merit in being alive. Let’s move along together with our heads held high. Heart, you are my saving grace. Come save me now from grief and trouble. Take me away from anything that is not joy for us. Let’s go to another harbor. Let’s set sail into the horizon. And if, dear heart, you are not able to do this, then let’s just jump, and see where the ocean waves take us.”

You can say to your heart when it is bereaved: “Thank God for you, dear heart. Thank God that you can feel. Thank God that you can feel grief, and thank God that you can leave grief. Leaving grief doesn’t mean that you let go of love. You don’t have to hold on tight to a loved one in order to love. Beloved heart, seasons of the heart do not hang on forever. The season of grief is over. Time to move on.”

You can say to your heart: “Let me give you solace. Let me get your mind off woe. Let’s hold hands and go down a different path. Let’s see what is before us. Perhaps we have had enough of what is behind us. Heart, you are the best heart in the world that I could ever have. I want to relieve you of burdens and not pile them high. Together, let’s toss out whatever holds us back from the full sunshine of love. Let’s fill you up with wondrous joy. Let’s clean you up, and we will go on a holiday together.”

You can say to your heart: “Full heart, we are going to see that you are filled with love. I am going to take you to a spa where you will be rejuvenated. I am going to give you the honor and care you are due. I am going to relieve you of anything that is not love. I am going to let you be what you have always wanted to be, a heart ready to love no matter the season and no matter in what direction you look. Do we have a deal, good heart?”
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